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Columbia, MO

Did you know that “Columbia” is a historical name, dating back to 1738, for the United States of America? Just like many historical US universities, areas, and companies, the name of the city is also derived from “Columbia.” Known primarily for education, the college town of Columbia, MO is home to the University of Missouri, Stephens College, and Columbia College. As a result, Columbia, MO is a highly educated city. In fact, over 50% of residents possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Due the presence of higher education, Columbia, MO produces many of the state’s high-quality employees.

In addition, sports culture is well represented in the city, primarily fans of the Missouri Tigers. Located at 222 N 9th St. Woody's Auto Center is the go-to automotive repair shop in Columbia, MO. Residents are always looking for the best information when seeking repairs, and we enjoy educating our customers about anything related to their automobile. Through our education and superb auto repairs, we have built a reputation as a trusted repair shop amongst Columbia, MO residents. Stop by today and let us help you get the most of out your automobile.

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