About Us

We believe in offering a personalized touch to your auto repair experience

At Woody’s Auto Center, we do everything from preventative maintenance to complete engine overhauls. We know taking your car in for repairs is an interruption in your day, so we strive to make your experience as hassle free as possible. Leave your car with us, and we’ll give you a ride. While it’s here, we’ll perform a free preventative maintenance inspection to catch anything else that needs to be addressed. Total integrity and cars fixed right the first time. That’s our promise to you. Founded in 1957 on North 9th Street in Columbia, Missouri, Woody’s Auto Center can now be found at the corner of North 9th Street and Park Ave. in Columbia. Woody’s employs ASE Certified technicians and expert service advisors who will both explain to you any repairs your vehicle needs, and also help you plan for future maintenance. At Woody’s Auto Center, the right service really does make all the difference!

At Woody’s Auto Center we value Honesty, Professionalism, Ethics, Accuracy, Reliability, Efficiency, Commitment, Friendliness, Empathy, and Satisfaction.

Our VISION is to positively influence people’s lives as we take care of them and their vehicles.

Our MISSION is to create a culture of servitude and safety through dedication to exceptional customer service, ethical car care, and the highest level of concern for our customers and employees.

  1. Take personal ownership of every customer’s experience, every time.
  2. Look for ways to go above and beyond to delight the customer.
  3. Take a proactive approach in all you do.
  4. Hold yourself accountable.
  5. Go directly to the source, talking to others, not about them.
  6. Demonstrate a positive tenacious work ethic.
  7. Own up to mistakes and learn from them.
  8. Dedicate yourself to personal, professional, and team growth.
  9. Follow expected procedures and processes.
  10. Celebrate successes together and have fun

Our Code of Ethics

To perform high quality repair service at a fair and just price. To use only proven merchandise of high-quality distributed by reputable firms. To employ the best skilled technicians obtainable. To furnish an itemized invoice for fairly priced parts and services that clearly identifies any used or remanufactured parts. Replaced parts may be inspected upon request. To have a sense of personal obligation to each customer. To promote goodwill between the motorist and members of the association. To recommend corrective and maintenance services, explaining to the customer which of these are required to correct existing problems and which are for preventive maintenance. To offer the customer a price estimate for work to be performed. To furnish or post copies of any warranties covering parts or services. To obtain prior authorization for all work done, in writing, or by other means satisfactory to the customer. To notify the customer if appointments or completion promises cannot be kept. To maintain customer service records for one year or more. To exercise reasonable care for the customers’ property while in our possession. To maintain a system for fair settlement of customer’s complaints. To cooperate with established consumer complaint mediation activities. To uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all abuses within the automotive industry. To uphold the integrity of all members of the MWACA Midwest Auto Care Alliance.